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SHawn bortel

You could say painting is in Shawn’s blood—we know lead is, since his great-grandfather mixed it into paint with his bare hands.


Shawn got his start residential house painting (lead-free) with his older brothers in high school for a man named Olie, who looked like the caricature of a painter come to life—mustache and all.

Olie didn’t speak much, but what he did say passed on the work ethic and skills that make Shawn a great painter today.


Shawn’s greatest hits are “RINGO, C’MON!” and “Do you  want anything from Starbucks?”

When he doesn't have a paint brush in hand, he’s drumming in a band (First Dates) and adoring his daughters Tatum, Macey, and Annika. And of course, there’s Ringo.


If Shawn were a custom paint color he’d be Big Chill by Glidden and Mixed Veggies by Behr.


To reach Shawn directly, email

Quality Assurance Specialist

Ringo has never worked in quality assurance, but he isn’t impressed by much so he keeps our standards high.

He’s affectionately described as derpy, and while he is anything but active, he sure is lovable.

Ringo's greatest hits are “Uh… dad?” and “Sure, I’ll eat that sock.”

In his free time he likes to look out the window and avoid doing pretty much anything else.


If he were a custom paint color, he’d be a combination of Passive by Sherwin Williams and Elephant’s Breath by Farrow & Ball.


Ringo lives by the quote "To thine own self be true."

To reach Ringo directly, make sure you have food and call him repeatedly. He’ll get hungry and come eventually.

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