Mom always said it's what's on the inside that matters. We couldn't agree more. When it comes to creating the mood and feel of where your life happens, it's all about the inside.

From cabinets to walls to trim, we paint it all. We sand, scrape, and strip what needs to go. Then we patch the dents and scratches that have added up over the years so your new color is flawless.


We pride ourselves on service, and we'll tell you exactly what that means:

  • Communication is a top priority. That's why our operations manager, Stacie, is available via email or phone every day. We promise to return your email or phone call within 24 hours.

  • We leave the job site clean. Every day. That means no trash, no sink full of paint left behind.​ The floor is vacuumed and all of our tools and materials that need to be left are gathered to one location, out of your way.

  • We pay attention to where our feet have been and what they've left behind. 

  • We're mindful of our words. Whether you're at home or neighbors are walking by, no one will hear a conversation that'll make your ears turn red.

  • We only play family-friendly music. 

  • Our team members wear clean, professional clothing. 

  • Every job is personally supervised by Shawn, our owner. 

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